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You can now renew your annual licence using our new online portal!


Scottish Goju-Ryu Karate-Do Association

You can now renew your annual licence using our new online portal!

SGKA Karate Grading Winter 2021

This year's winter grading will be held at Kelty community centre on 27th & 28th November from 08:45am as is open to all students of the SGKA. Students from the following dojo's will be permitted to grade with further dates to be announced for other SGKA dojos:

Glenrothes (Cadham)
Glenrothes (Glenwood)
High Valleyfield

SGKA Karate Grading Winter 2021

Prep Work

It is very important that all students put in the required work in order for them to grade over the weekend.
You will see below what is requred to acheive your new grade, but if in doubt, please speak with your sensei.

On the day

This is of course subject to change due to covid guidance.

Saturday 27th November

Start End Activity
08:45 08:55 Registration
09:00 10:30 Warm Up, Basics, Moving Basics and San Dan Gi
10:30 White Belts Finish
10:30 11:30 Group Training - Gekisai Dai Ichi/Ni
11:30 Red, Yellow & Orange Belts finish
11:30 12:30 Saifa +
12:30 Green Belts finish
12:40 14:00 Kata
14:00 All Finish

Sunday 28th November

Start End Activity
09:00 10:00 White/Red/Yellow
10:15 11:45 Orange/Green/Blue
12:00 Blue tab +

Weekend fees - Cash on arrival

Junior £30
Adult £35
Discounts 3 for 2 family.